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Tomb of Dracula Gene Colan and Tom Palme
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                     Storyteller at Heart

:For a young Scott Harper growing up in 1970’s Southern California, the world was just a tad dull and unimaginative. He found a creative outlet in the world of Marvel Comics, fervidly devouring the monthly adventures of Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. Later, his tastes turned toward the Marvel black and white magazines’ more esoteric horror province, faithfully following titles such as Dracula Lives! and Tales of the Zombie. Influenced by these works and such great authors as Bram Stoker, John Steakley, and Marv Wolfman, Scott’s unique writing style combines horror and fantasy elements with superhero-style action.  He feels fortunate to have been published in Volumes 3, 4, and 5 of Sinister Smile Press’s Better Off Dead Series and is incredibly honored to the featured in the April Author Spotlight. When not writing, Scott spends his time either reading, working out at the gym, adding to his model collection, or walking his two dogs. He lives in California with his wife and son.

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