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Five-Star Reviews for Lethal Lords!

If you haven't figured it out yet, Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night is a five-star spectacular! Check out the reviews!

"I typically don’t like reading short stories; however; these short stories were awesome! A few of them left me wanting more! The diversity of these stories makes me wonder how the author can think up these gothic and dark ideas! A great read if you like vampires! Looking forward to reading book 2!" A. Rogers Five-Star Review on Amazon.

"Got through both of these books rather quickly. Like the previous anthologies by this publisher, wasn’t let down by them. Five stars and worth it if you’re into vampires." Mark Mackey Five-Star Review on Amazon.

"Intriguing vampire stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Every story is unique and entertaining. The author is talented and I hope to read more by him. If you like a good vampire story you need to read this book." Angie McIntosh Ingram on Amazon.

"Dark and Intriguing. Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night Volume One features 23 short stories centered around vampires. Typically, in a book of shorts there are some stories that don’t hold my interest. Not the case with this book. Each story is dark and intriguing and pulls you right in. Harper’s writing is brilliant! This was my first time reading his work and I’m amazed! The whole book is so richly detailed. Reading each story is like being whisked off into an alternative world dripping with suspense and mystery. It has a very gothic feel which I loved! The artwork with each story is a nice touch and compliments the book well. Believe me when I say this is a book you will want to get lost in." Diana79 on Amazon.

"Scott Harper's take on Vampires is a refreshing bite to the throat. Each story carries its own weight in blood, the characters are excellent Don Sébastien is my personal favorite. His writing style almost has a Lovecraftian feel to it. I'm looking forward to what is in store for Vol 2." Chris St.Pierre on Amazon

“I mean it as the highest praise when I say that ‘Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night: The Vampire Stories of Scott Harper’ is a highly atmospheric and seriously entertaining collection of Vampire (of all stripes) stories.” – Douglas Draa, Weirdbook editor.

“Absolutely beautiful stories!!! Characters are bold, beautiful…and at times sexy. You can’t help but be drawn into each story. The descriptions of the actions and feelings are deeply entertaining. The stories have that 1930s Universal Pictures style. A mini movie for sure!!! This is a book I would love to promote in my store to my ‘Vampire’ readers. Bram Stoker would be proud!!!” Bookstore Owner and Sinister Smile Street Team Reviewer Kevin Kuenkle.

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