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Lethal Lords Released Today!

The Epic Release Day has arrived! Now available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook! Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night - the Ultimate Vampire Collection. More vampires, massive Frankenstein-like flesh constructs, vicious werewolves, slavering ghouls, implacable liches, cosmic horrors, hobgoblins and gillmen than you can wave a rune-warded talisman at! Egad! Each volume contains original interior art by Steven Pajak, an intro by acclaimed screenwriter/publisher Kevin Glover, and a magic cover blurb by Weirdbook editor and speculative fiction guru Douglas Draa!

Advance Praise for Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night! Glory and accolades! “I mean it as the highest praise when I say that ‘Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night: The Vampire Stories of Scott Harper’ is a highly atmospheric and seriously entertaining collection of Vampire (of all stripes) stories.” – Douglas Draa, Weirdbook editor.

“Absolutely beautiful stories!!! Characters are bold, beautiful…and at times sexy. You can’t help but be drawn into each story. The descriptions of the actions and feelings are deeply entertaining. The stories have that 1930s Universal Pictures style. A mini movie for sure!!! This is a book I would love to promote in my store to my ‘Vampire’ readers. Bram Stoker would be proud!!!” Bookstore Owner and Sinister Smile Street Team Reviewer Kevin Kuenkler

“I’m on the 3rd story and have been hooked on his writing style since the 1st story. Kinda has a Lovecraftian feel to it.” Sinister Smile Street Team Review

From the back covers - Vampires. Immortal night creatures forever set apart from humanity and possessed of great power, sexual beings who feast on the lifeblood of lesser mortals. Now you can see them in a new and unique light, as only Scott Harper can portray them in varied worlds of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Whether exploring the tenebrous bottoms of the ocean, traveling into the cold recesses of uncharted space, or battling other supernatural creatures for world dominance, these vampires mean business! So gather your stakes and clutch your garlic tight as daylight draws to a close—and the vampires claim the night! These books contain over forty stories of vampire mayhem, with many unique to this collection.

Introduction by Kevin M Glover - It is an honor and a privilege to introduce readers to Scott Harper’s new two-volume collection of short stories. Over the past four years or so, I’ve had the very good fortune to work with Scott on a number of scripts for my various comic anthologies, and I’ve always been most impressed with the quality of his writing. We share similar inspirations and influences, and I find his work is a good fit for my personal tastes. He has a great knowledge of literary precedents and their counterparts in other media, and that background is ever-present in Scott’s new books.

From Amsterdam to Atlantis, the darkest jungles of Africa to an intriguing variation of strangers on the train, Scott Harper spans the globe with some intriguing and often sensual tales of vampires in all their many forms. There are some nice twists and turns and enough frights to send shivers through many a reader. Enjoy this delicious serving of dark delights! I certainly did.

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