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Epic Ultimate Anton the Undying cover release day! Here it is, in all its glory! This Ultimate collection is a treasure trove containing revised and expanded editions of The Name of Fear and A Cleansing of the Blood, two all-new Anton novellas, and twelve original short stories. Follow Anton from the blood-stained sands of Rome to ancient battles with unstoppable beasts in the deepest depths of tenebrous jungles and into a dystopian future where even vampires fear to tread. Each story is a unique journey, offering a different perspective on Anton's world.

Praise for Scott Harper's writing:

The Name of Fear

“I love the world building Harper has done to introduce Anton and can’t wait to read more tales of the vampiric world he has created.” Stuart Conover, The Horror Tree.

“Crisp, pity prose that was a joy to read—8 out 10.” Andrew Boylan, Taliesin Meets the Vampire.

A Cleansing of the Blood

“The interactions between these monsters breathes new life into their legends and offers fresh approaches to old conflicts. If you’re a fan of supernatural creatures going toe to toe with each other, I highly suggest this collection.” Joseph Pietris, The Horror Tree.

“These are well written, entertaining stories and help both world and character building. This volume is worth your time…fun and well-constructed.” Andrew Boylan, Taliesin Meets the Vampire.

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