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Fresh Juice

Chalmers Young's days as an independent wrestling promoter appear to be numbered. Beleaguered with low attendance and poor talent, Chalmers hits upon the idea of an open battle royal to seek new blood. Neither Chalmers nor his co-promoter, the legendary but over-the-hill superstar Nature Boy Freddy Landell, are prepared for the ancient evil that walks into the gym that night, evil in the form of a wrestler named Night Shade.

For Young and Landell, the misery and terror have just begun.

Scott Harper combines vampires and professional wrestlers in a compellingly lethal mix that will satisfy both action and horror fans and leave them wanting more.

Brilliantly illustrated by CJ Trujillo.

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Scott's sinister stories have appeared in dozens of speculative fiction venues, receiving high praise from readers and reviewers.

"I promise you'll be on the edge of your seat." - Author and Book Reviewer Bridgett Deem Nelson on "Ismini and the Blood of the Bullman" in If I Die Before I Wake Volume 4.

"The battle scenes are brutal and visceral. I could feel the desperation of the combat." - Goodreads reviewer on "Ismini and the Blood of the Bullman" in If I Die Before I Wake Volume 4.

" far, the best of the bunch." - Amazon reviewer on "To Fight by the Light of the Silvery Moon" in Monster Brawl.

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What is Hell for a young vampire? In the case of Zecheriah, it's being cast adrift in an ocean of running water while baking under a relentless sun and being slowly eaten to death by fish. And then there are the sharks and pirates...

Sometimes running away from an overprotective and domineering master isn't always the brightest idea.

Non-stop vampire action and thrills from the fevered mind of Scott Harper, with a dynamic cover illustration by famed fantasy artist Martin de Diego Sadaba.